Client: Buyers from worldwide accepted
Info: Remove chemical smell

This is a solid/paste type of SSD product which is used on the notes after cleaning with the chemicals has been completed, the purpose of the CS vectoral paste S4 is to totally remove the chemicals smell on the currencies notes and final reformation of the notes, so that when using the money at any place, there's 100% guarantee of original money smell.

Client: Worldwide buyers are accepted
Info: Provide high probability for perfect result

The SSD De-Icing Compound Powder is a universal type which is in grain form, they are recommended in combination for any type of the ssd solution cleaning chemical type, because it is require to pure them inside the liquid chemical and shake properly to allow the powder to get de-iced (dissolved) thereby giving the cleaning chemical a very high Probability to obtain perfect result.
Client: Buyers from worldwide accepted
Info: Cleaning black money

The universal automatic SSD solution is the main chemical been used to completely clear the defaced money of any type; be it black money, stamp/stained banknotes with anti breeze quality, also perfect for the mince white negative notes (Mostly for dollars bills ONLY).
Client: Worldwide buyers are accepted
Info: Re-activate currencies bills

Anti V- powder refers to a reactivation member of the SSD products which is been pure, sprinkle and rup all over damaged notes (defaced money that has been contracted with virus, perhaps because it was exposed to matural air) , bills like USD and blacks EURO , POUNDS, transferring colors from used note to new white bills. this is also perfect to used on the local currencies.
Client: Buyers from worldwide accepted
Info: Clear defaced diced money

HQ5 is an additional element on the main ssd automatic solution to make it universal chemical which is able to cleaning all sort of coating with darkened diced material, pink/white negative dollars. This chemical type is highly recommended for notes with a coating duration of minimum 12 months.
Client: Buyers from Worldwide
Info: Helps for black money cleaning Aptness

The Sulphate D-Ash Max 0.2% type chemial is a less used chemical type based on the international demand, this is because it plays a less role in the defaced money cleaning industry than other of the paste chemical types. However it is still important and/or requested at some stages during cleaning process or also most depend on the condition of the clients defaced notes in question. Helps for cleaning Aptness.
Client: Worldwide buyers are accepted
Info: Activate notes hologram

Mercury Ink is a very effective and important member of the synthetic surfactant detedent which is only used after completion of cleaning by used of either solution chemical or powder and yet detected hologram of the notes isn't clear. There calls the implementation of 99.9% Mercury Ink for final cleaning perfection.