Counterfeit money

The most realistic legal Prop Money in the world.  Ideal for Film, Television, Music Video, Commercials, Shows, Conventions, Las Vegas, Financial Training, Financial Presentations, and Law Enforcement.  We sell or rent realistic Prop Money, Stage money, Fake Money. The colors and paper look real. It might be Fake Money, but it looks real on camera. This has been in hundreds of feature films, television shows, music videos, commercials, advertisements and still photo shoots. We’ve done over 500 music videos and thousands of commercials. We carefully try to meet all legal requirements for Prop Money.  We have old style and new style: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.  We sell it by the “stack”.  Each stack is 100 bills.  

READ THIS TO ORDER: We have 2 styles. Tell us how many stacks you need of each style. Standard-Grade is printed on both sides. Looks real from 3′ away or further. Ideal for Music Videos, fanning, flashing, raining. It’s $45/stack. Get 5 or more, the price drops down to $39/ea. Call for large Qty discounts.  If you need to do Close-Ups, get our High-Grade. It looks exactly like real money. It’s illegal to print realistic money on both sides, so High-Grade is 1-sided. It’s $55/stack for High-Grade. Get 5 or more and the price drops down to $49/stack. Call for Qty pricing! 

TO ORDER: email us. Tell us how many of each style you want. We ship USPS Priority Mail, 2 days to arrive.  If you need it faster we can ship Fedex.